About the Book

These are inspiring and engrossing stories of leadership and assimilation, of personal resilience and professional vision, and the willingness to make sacrifices.  These stories tell us that what America and Canada espouse as values comes naturally to Indians.  The $8 Man is a must read for anyone concerned about motivating and teaching children individual responsibility for their own education and love of learning as an essential element in their life-long development. The $8 Man sheds new light on why we need an immigration policy that encourages the best and the brightest to come to our shores and stay as citizens.  And most importantly, the $8 Man introduces these successful entrepreneurs and community leaders who have quietly become major philanthropists enriching India and North America. Indian immigrants came to America in the 1960’s and 70’s with $8 in their pockets. How did they make it? The $8 Man tells you their stories.

From the Editor:  I consider myself an enabler for story telling. I listen and ask questions that allow people to describe their life journeys with the dreams, disappointments, surprises, intersections, mentors, losses and aspirations that become the story of their lives.  The stories of the $8 Man don’t follow a Question and Answer format.  They are not my interpretation of their stories.  I listened to them describe their life journey.  I allowed them to review the transcript for additions and deletions.  I wanted them to say, “Yes this is my story”.